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"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."

The Nature Connection  


I have been fascinated with Native American spiritual symbols since I was a child. Drawing a Thunderbird could occupy an entire afternoon, offering up incredible fantasy adventures that would lead me to wild places in my imagination. I was not sure what they meant. The only thing I knew for certain was their ability to connect me to some unknown and unseen power source.

In my adult life I experience a tremendous feeling of peace and serenity every time I venture into Nature and allow the pregnant silence to fill my soul. In 1994 I was re-introduced to Native American Spiritual symbols in the form of nature totems. Totems come from all four kingdoms of natureĦ mineral, plant, insect (invertebrates), and animal (vertebrates). I discovered that each energy center of the human body (chakras as they are called in the Far East) is connected to totems from all four kingdoms. They offer a gift which symbolizes a particular energy or attribute that I find to be integral to my personal development.

Slowly over the past few years I have noticed a correlation and directionality of totems from the same energy center. They appear to be steps toward spiritual awareness which if followed in order guide me toward a deeper, more fulfilling Spiritual life. Here is one example of this phenomenon from the energy center at the base of my spine (root chakra).

Step One: Mineral kingdom

My totem is Granite and it offers the gift of Acceptance. Whenever I spend quiet time contemplating this symbol from nature I experience a growing sense of acceptance of who I am, my position in the world, and the situations and experiences that flow toward me from my karmic destiny. Acceptance allows me to develop the next gift.

Step Two: Plant kingdom

My totem is the Pine Tree and it offers the gift of Patience. When I am patient with myself, the people that populate my life, and the events that punctuate my existence my body, mind and emotions relax and become calm.

Step Three: Insect kingdom

My totem is the Spider and it offers the gift of Calm. I focus on each totem in succession practicing the cultivation of these three giftsĦ acceptance, patience, and calm.

Step Four: Animal kingdom

My totem is the Golden Eagle and it offers the gift of Serenity. When I am able to live and breathe into the first three and sustain my time in these states I truly feel serene. The majestic Golden Eagle is the perfect symbol for this serenity.


The totems are merely an interface between my conscious personality and my unconscious Higher Self or higher awareness. Using the totem as a focal point for my awareness brings each gift into clarity and moving from one to the other helps cultivate and expand their effects.

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