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The KEY  

To Beginning Guitar

The Key to Beginning Guitar
This book starts at the very beginning and takes you step-by-step through the full gamet of basic guitar styles and techniques.

* The Exercise Chapter has you immediately using the entire fingerboard. There are separate exercises designed specifically to improve your ability to move each hand. Major scales are introduce in a simple fashion and the art of strumming is clearly explained. Most of the guitar song books now use both music notation and tablature. This is great but tablature has one drawback—it doesn't tell the timing of the notes. There is a section in this chapter to explain how to read the timing shown in musical notation.

*The Flatpicking Chapter uses the 12 bar blues rhythm style as its theme. Starting with the simplest form of blues rhythm found in thousands of popular songs from six decades of rock and blues music, this chapter moves you comfortably through the bases adding one new technique at a time until you are playing quite fancy blues rhythms. You can learn without being intimidated.

* The Fingerpicking Chapter Covers many styles of music from classical to popular to blues and does so in a graduated form always fully preparing you for each new technique.

*The Strumming Chapter covers songs in the style of many of your favorite classic and contemporary musical artists. Even the strumming symbols found in modern music books are introduce gradually so as to build a comfort and ease when you encounter them in the mainstream books.

*The Apendix includes an extensive chord chart, a glossary of guitar lingo-music terminology, kinds of guitars and accessories, and even guitar neck and tablature templates for you to copy and use when writing down your own discoveries and compositions.

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