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"Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself
and know that everything in life has a purpose."

-Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (1926)

The Store  


Innocent Grace by Randy Rusk
* Innocent Grace $10.00 is a collection of 13 original songs. I play all the instruments on the CD except for the drums. The back-up vocals are elegantly performed by my friend Ron Hall. You can hear a sample of each song while you read the lyrics on the Music & Lyrics page. If you wish to purchase one as a regular CD simply click the add to cart button and follow the simple instructions. You can also download a full MP3 version of the CD or just your favorite songs from ITunes.
"Yo Randy - this thing is beautiful! Songs, arrangements, playing, all absolutely wonderful. Many congratulations and thank yous.


PS - "Frankenstein in Eden" is as detailed a portrait of Dick Cheney as I've ever heard. I hope somebody's listening...."

Mark Turnbull is a singer/songwriter, Jazz guitarist, composer/arranger, and writes musicals.

Healing Currents: Sacred Journey to the Source
* Healing Currents $10.00 consists of three 20 minute keyboard/orchestral instrumental compositions designed to facilitate stress relief, meditation and an over-all feeling of peace. The music was created to slow your heartbeat and ease your breathing through systematic changes in tempo and orchestration. The three musical pieces reflect places in nature-Ocean of Dreams, River of Life and Sacred Lake.


The Key to Beginning Guitar
* The Key To Beginning Guitar $24.95 is just what you need to get started having fun playing the guitar. It not only tells you what to learn but, through a step by step clear process, how to learn guitar in an exciting, stimulating and fun method. The musical examples are contemporary and ordered in an easily manageable flow, building upon each other. Try playing Simple Beauty, a 32K pdf file sample song from the book. Here is where to go if you want more information.

The Key to Understanding the Guitar Fingerboard
* The Key To Understanding the Guitar Fingerboard $24.95 is a comprehensive, integral approach to playing the guitar. Scale, chord and rhythm exercises, theory and musical examples give the advancing guitar student a well grounded foundation enabling him or her to quickly become an accomplished musician.

The Key to Popular Songwriting
* The Key To Popular Songwriting $24.95 is a clear, concise and practical guide to the art of writing songs. There are tools to stimulate your creativity as well as a thorough explanation of the most popular song forms.
Having trouble writing lyrics?
Having trouble putting music to your lyrics?
This book can help you.

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