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"Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant. (2000 yrs ago)"
-Roman Poet Horace

Links and Files of Interest  

On this page are some links and files of interest. If there's something you'd like to see linked on this page, Contact Me and let me know.

  • The Geometry of Consciousness : An overlay of basic geometry on the eight step evolutionary process combined with the Native American tradition of the seven directions. Enjoy! (62k pdf file)
Fantasy Stories
LIFE A Survival Manual
MP3 clips
PDF Music Articles
  • 1. Language of Music : is on the three basic subdivisions of music—Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm—and their connection to the Human Being. (39k pdf file)
  • 2. The Music Alphabet : is about the Chromatic scale and how to use it to build Diatonic Major scales. (39k pdf file )
  • 3. Circle of Fifths : A simple way to understand the Circle of Fifths and the distribution of sharps and flats in all the major keys. (66k pdf file)
  • 4. Intervals : explains the basic building blocks of the language of music. Have fun! (43k pdf file)
  • 5. Key to Diatonic Harmony : an explanation of triadic harmony and its relationship to the Diatonic Major Scale and a discussion of chordal movement within a key. (78k pdf file)
  • Blank Guitar Neck Template : Here is a blank template of the guitar fingerboard to download and copy so you can diagram theory on to the neck. It will help you begin to recognize patterns. (62k pdf file)
  • Blank Guitar Tab : Here is a page of blank guitar tablature for you to download and copy. (7k pdf file)
  • Example Music : Download 'Simple Beauty 'an example of an original composition created for my book THE KEY TO BEGINNING GUITAR. (32k pdf file)
Software Update
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader : If you can't read pdf files, then download and install the free PDF file reader from Adobe. It's free and it's easy!
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