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"Spectacular achievements are always preceded by unspectacular preparation."
-Roger Staubach



Welcome to my website! It is home to music, learning, and conscious growth. I have loved all three for as long as I have memories. The universal language of music speaks directly to the heart, making it capable of crossing cultural and geographical boundaries to uplift the Human Spirit.

Teaching music to all ages both individually and in college classes for the last thirty-four years has allowed me to witness the transforming power of music in the lives of my students. I have dedicated my life to education and am proud to call myself a teacher.

Music can be a beautiful path to self-awareness and conscious growth when approached with an open heart and an inquisitive mind. It is a unique art form for the simple reason that it is ethereal and not based in matter. Music never completely shows up and when it stops it vanishes. Only its effects are felt. These organized vibrations of sound are born in the fertile imagination of the composer and depend on his or her depth of intuition and clarity of reception for their ultimate transmission here in the physical world of matter.

I hope you will make yourself at home and feel free to explore all the music and muses my site has to offer. I know time is precious so thanks for spending some of yours here!

Randy Rusk
Latest News

Life: A Survival Manual
As The Crow Flies
I would love to have you read a short story I wrote. You will find it in the Links and Files page.
New Venues
I am playing at THE NEIGHBORHOOD CUP in Aliso Viejo and The BEACHFIRE GRILL in Ladera Ranch, check under performance dates for directions and dates.
New CD
My second CD, Make Up Your Own Mind is finished and now for sale.
Innocent Grace CD
My first CD Innocent Grace is waiting for you to give it a listen!
Omega Music Productions
I have started a music production company complete with my friend and partner Arthur Brueggeman. You can check us out at Omega Music Productions
The Art of Self-healing
One of the most powerful of the many Healing Tools I have found is Active Listening. Take a moment and check it out!
De-Mystifying Music
Get help with music theory. Check out and download the many articles on how music works. Have fun!
Beginning Guitar
Check out my new book The Key to Beginning Guitar. It guides you through the learning process step-by-step.

Whazzup wid Zachster

Mr. Zach!
Zach Martin is 17 and in his junior year still pioneering the Waldorf high school. He is driving a cool car, getting back into acting and becoming quite the Ballroom dancer. We love him!

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